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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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Support Giving Tuesday: 3 Big Initiatives for 2022 for a Rapidly Changing World!

30 November 2021 9:52 AM | Jon Kohl (Administrator)

PUP plans 3 major initiatives for 2022 to take on a rapidly changing world, and we would like you to be a part, therefore,

We Invite You

On this Giving Tuesday to support PUP, the only non-profit in the world that formally uses a holistic-Integral approach to heritage conservation by




PUP Joins Chilean Consortium to Study Climate Change at the Tip of the World


PUP has joined a large consortium of organizations led by the University of North Texas to build the Cape Horn Center on the southern tip of Chilean Patagonia. This consortium will conduct biocultural conservation action research and work with communities in two biosphere reserves at a sentinel site for global climate change and planetary sustainability. We will begin collaboration with partners in 2022.

PUP Now Building the Integral Toolbox To Confront Complex, Changing Future

PUP’s First In-person Staff Retreat and Conference Presentation in Costa Rica

In June 2022, PUP will be presenting a panel and individual presentations at the International Association for Society and Natural Resources Conference in June, Costa Rica. Around the conference PUP will be organizing a three-day field trip to sites where PUP has presence. It will be holding a staff retreat and board meeting and perhaps some ancillary training workshops as well. This will be PUP´s first in-person board meeting and retreat since its founding in 2013 and a wonderful time to really showcase our work. Please join us, organized by our Costa Rican country office.

Other Initiatives for 2022

  • Interpretive guide training course in Perú
  • Course based in Costa Rica on condition-based zoning with the Tropical Science Center
  • Holistic management planning in Chiapas, Mexico with HESNAC and CONANP
  • Latin America-wide gap analysis of heritage interpretation (follow up on 2018 First Latin American Congress on Heritage Interpretation) with the Mexican Association for Heritage Interpretation and the Colegio de Michoacan
  • Faculty-led 12-day field trip with an American university on holistic protected area management (planned in 2022, run in 2023)
  • Possible project on endangered vulture conservation in Nigeria, among others.


All of us have already donated to PUP today.


Francisco Valenzuela, Chair of the Board

Sherwood Shankland, Board Director

Trace Gale, Board Director

Stephen Awoyemi, Board Director

Jon Kohl, Executive Director



*The opposite of DICE is the PLUS World — Predictable, Linear, Understandable, and Stable. This world does not exist yet planning and management are based in this world. Note that the words DICE and PLUS also symbolically represent the concepts they define.

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