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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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Jon Kohl

PUP Global Heritage Consortium


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PUP Global Heritage Consortium
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General Information

Costa Rica
Jon founded the PUP Global Heritage Consortium in 2013 after having developed the PUP Process and PUP Manual starting in Honduras in 1998 under RARE Center for Tropical Conservation. He has a keen interest in identifying new theories and approaches and turning them into practice. Based in Costa Rica, Jon has worked with PUP around the world, always focusing on the visitor management side, especially his passion for heritage interpretation, but with an eye to learning beyond just visitor management to all kinds of planning. Ultimately he sees a spiritual connection to the value of heritage and management that he shares in his blog on heritage interpretation, his writing, and his work. For more information about him, please visit his website.

Professional background and Skills/Antecedentes y capacidades

Professional background
Before PUP, consultant with UNESCO World Heritage Center; Fermata, Inc., other projects. Prior worked six years with RARE Center for Tropical Conservation; graduated from the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica 1993-95 (environmental education at national zoo); prior worked at the Smithsonian and Massachusetts Audubon and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1992 double major in ecology and political science modified with environmental studies.
Skills to share with the consortium
Writing, editing, translating to English, document production and layout
  • English
  • Spanish

PUP Consortium Mission, Values, Principles/ Misión, Valores, Principios del Consorcio PUP

Mission, Values, Principles
I am committed to the goals and values of PUP

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