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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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We are currently working on a reorganization of the existing membership types. We recommend checking this page for the latest updates.
Estamos reorganizando los tipos de membresía actual. Le recomendamos a chequear esta página para saber las noticias.


Membership Categories


Approved after interview and CV review by the executive director. They are the PUP Consortium ambassadors and principal contacts for PUP projects in country. 

TECHNICAL SERVICE MEMBERS - $50 individual, $200 organization/year
Approved after interview and CV review by the executive director. They are people or organizations which offer a skill or knowledge area complementary to our skill and knowledge pool. Each member is also assigned a geographical jurisdiction from a single site to the entire world, in order to minimize competition among Consortium members. 

GENERAL MEMBERS - $30 individual, $60 organization
Open to the public, we have a general membership for individuals and a group membership for organizations that want to start working with us. Organizational memberships includes 1 group administrator and 2 other members.

Open to any registered student anywhere in the world. The student may hold this membership category for two consecutive years. Enjoys same benefits as general members but without receiving a printed membership package in the mail.

Guide: How To Apply

Guía para solicitar membresía


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What is PUP Consortium's unique niche WITHIN conservation?

  • We are equally concerned with natural and cultural heritage
  • We have a unique structure and business model designed for our global task: we are completely global and virtual (and thus need almost no overhead to fund). We have volunteer and pay-by-project membership and staff (thus need no staff overhead)
  • We have a specific focus: to strengthen managers and communities so they can manage their heritage in an adaptive, learning way
  • Learning is a central pillar to our structure and focus which is why we conduct our own research and publishing. (See our seminal book, The Future Has Other Plans: Planning Holistically to Conserve Natural and Cultural Heritage)

What kind of people are PUP Consortium members?

  • They strongly support the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, whether in small parks and museums in their home town or World Heritage Sites around the world.

  • They are dissatisfied with the way heritage is currently been managed: unimplemented plans, low levels of community participation, simplistic thinking, and inability to adapt quickly to a complex, changing world.
  • They are frustrated with money, time, and hope being wasted on highly technical management approaches that do not improve heritage conservation; they sense a broken system but aren’t necessarily sure how to fix it.
  • They appreciate out-of-the-box thinking for both the technical and social sides of management such as community development, public participation, dialogue, inclusion, power sharing, adaptive co-management, organizational learning, horizontal and holistic, integral organizations.
  • They support alternative approaches that draw on many fields and on real research rather than just sentimentality, intuition or flavor-of-the-month ideas.

Commitments of PUP members

Because there is so much to do and because no one on our staff has a salary, we envision an active membership, where all our members commit to three things:

  • Support and implement the PUP principles and values
  • Keep up to date with their annual contributions
  • Seek ways to help us further our cause of a more holistic approach to natural and cultural heritage management

PUP Global Heritage Consortium is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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