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We envision a new era of human thriving through wider, deeper linkages between people and heritage, both natural and cultural.


We support communities in the protection and management of natural and cultural heritage through our learning network and evolving Integral approaches and tools.

Engaging in a worthy task…To pursue our Mission and to realize our Shared Vision we need your experience, expertise, and passion to conserve natural and cultural heritage. We can’t do it alone in a world still oriented to utilitarian and purely technical ways of using natural and cultural resources.

• This task is bigger than we can do alone, so we must collaborate effectively.
• This task is the challenge of a lifetime, so we must enlist new members and partners.
• This task is an historic necessity, so we must share our resolve to inspire global change

Statement with Regard to the Death of George Floyd and Heritage Interpretation

Declaración acerca de la muerte de George Floyd y la interpretación de patrimonio

22 June 2020


The PUP Global Heritage Consortium is dedicated to holistic approaches to conserving natural and cultural heritage. The conservation of heritage inevitably involves interpreting the meaning that a group, community, or whole society collectively assigns to places and events, as well as to the artifacts and monuments of culture. This process very often implies engaging with volatile frontlines and battlegrounds of meaning-making. At PUP, we understand the contentious nature of interpreting natural and cultural heritage. All too often, heritage has been a tool of oppression, marginalizing or erasing some histories and narratives while elevating others. We understand this to be the reason that heritage has become so central to the events that have erupted in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. As quickly as confederate monuments have been torn down, debates have erupted about how best to interpret—what narrative to give—this moment of protest and social change.

At PUP, we stand for an inclusive process of heritage interpretation that contributes to greater equality, justice, and the flourishing of all life on earth. PUP is committed to taking action to address systemic racism.

See also an essay by PUP Director Jon Kohl entitled, "Holistic Heritage Management:  What Does Does George Floyd's Death Site Teach Us about the Nature of Heritage and Its Role in Society?"

El PUP Global Heritage Consortium se dedica a enfoques holísticos para conservar el patrimonio natural y cultural. La conservación del patrimonio inevitablemente implica interpretar el significado que un grupo, comunidad o sociedad entera asigna colectivamente a lugares y eventos, así como a los artefactos y monumentos de la cultura. Este proceso a menudo implica comprometerse con conflictos volátiles y campos de batalla de creación de significado. En PUP, entendemos la naturaleza contenciosa de la interpretación del patrimonio natural y cultural. Con demasiada frecuencia, el patrimonio ha sido una herramienta de opresión, marginando o borrando algunas historias y narrativas mientras elevaba otras. Entendemos que esta es la razón por la que la herencia se ha vuelto tan central en los eventos que han estallado después del asesinato de George Floyd. Tan rápido como se derribaron los monumentos confederados, surgieron debates sobre la mejor manera de interpretar, qué narración dar, este momento de protesta y cambio social.

En PUP, defendemos un proceso inclusivo de interpretación del patrimonio que contribuye a una mayor igualdad, justicia y el florecimiento de toda la vida en la tierra. PUP se compromete a tomar medidas para abordar el racismo sistémico.

También ver un ensayo por el director de PUP Jon Kohl, "Gestión holística del patrimonio: ¿Qué nos enseña el lugar donde murió George Floyd sobre el patrimonio y su papel en la sociedad?"

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