Advancing Holistic Heritage Management

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In a complex world of profound uncertainty and constant change we dare face many daunting challenges including climate change, population pressure, wasteful consumption, mass migrations, and unplanned growth. We embrace the possibility of fostering resilient and adaptive institutions and communities dedicated to sustaining our natural and cultural heritage for future generations. 


To build a diverse global network of colleagues which integrates wisdom from many fields in a holistic form of planning and management to sustain our natural and cultural heritage. We partner with individuals and organizations in public use planning, heritage interpretation training, dispute resolution and shared research to support sustainable heritage sites. 

Our Shared Vision

To accomplish our Mission, we envision:

• A new global consensus to use holistic planning approaches among heritage conservationists, planners, managers, organizations, communities, and policymakers, who promote policy and practice in heritage management. This paradigm shift will transform traditional expert-based approaches into resilient site-based planning, implementation and heritage management, leading to sustainable biodiversity and cultural heritage. PUP action-research on innovative models, training, publications, and field guides tools and techniques will continue to transform the heritage management field.

• A set of demonstration projects worldwide in natural and cultural heritage areas which accelerate awareness of the effective use of holistic, locally managed planning and implementation approaches, where communities conserve and enjoy their biodiversity and cultural heritage. These innovative demonstrations will transform heritage sites into cornerstones of sustainable and resilient communities inspiring local leaders as well as global practitioners to launch their own similar initiatives worldwide.

• A Global Heritage Learning Community where professionals from many disciplines will share innovations and lessons learned from fiel experiences and academic research online and in person. This transdisciplinary learning community will validate, store, disseminate edge-thinking and practical breakthroughs, and encourage their use around the world. This effort will complement the formal policy functions of the world’s three principal heritage organizations: UNESCO, IUCN, and ICOMOS.

• A rapid expansion of PUP Consortium memberships and partnerships to become a self-sustaining network of people across the planet who collaborate and care for our natural and cultural heritage. Our passion for heritage, diverse experience and professional expertise focused on information sharing, training in holistic planning and management, and facilitation of prototype initiatives. These efforts will change of how people cherish cultural and natural heritage sites by revealing the vital importance of biodiversity and cultural sites in our daily lives.

Engaging in a worthy task…To pursue our Mission and to realize our Shared Vision we need your experience, expertise, and passion to conserve natural and cultural heritage. We can’t do it alone in a world still oriented to utilitarian and purely technical ways of using natural and cultural resources.

• This task is bigger than we can do alone, so we must collaborate effectively.
• This task is the challenge of a lifetime, so we must enlist new members and partners.
• This task is an historic necessity, so we must share our resolve to inspire global change

Become a PUP Global Heritage Consortium member today!

The PUP Consortium is a non-incorporated, multi-sectorial, virtual, global alliance. Our horizontal, dispersed, and resilient organizational structure allows us to change quickly as the world does. We build ourselves around a virtual Lessons Learned Center that validates, stores, disseminates, and encourages reuse of lessons learned based on field and academic experiences collected by our semi-autonomous Regional Learning Platforms around the world. It integrates lessons learned into our training materials and disseminates them through publications, trainings, educational materials, conferences, field projects, and other means all directed to transforming the global mindset about managing heritage, natural and cultural.

Our behavior and form demonstrate what we preach: we follow the core principles of Authenticity, Transparency, Fairness, and Trust as well as the principles of Holistic Planning; we use an adaptive learning structure and culture; diversified revenue streams; strong and diverse membership to leverage our message; long-term relationships with members and partners; and we continually updates our materials in the marketplace of ideas. We can never be satisfied until we become outdated ourselves by the new paradigm.

Vision of the Tipping Point We Seek

The Consortium will work with small and large, public and private, non-profit and for-profit organizations and individuals interested in heritage to change the field’s management story. We especially hold as our principal measure of success that the three principal heritage organizations formally declare a transition to a new emerging paradigm or story (the tipping point), one hopefully that resembles the Consortium’s view of Holistic Planning. To get there we will ally with them and others to offer and continuously improve performance-building programs in the new paradigm. On the ground, we introduce an expanded Integral notion of implementation which most sites will adopt to avoid their plans ending on shelves unimplemented.

PUP Global Heritage Consortium is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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