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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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Individual members are the foundation of our organization. They can be individuals and organizations that participate by volunteering, serving as sources of information in their home countries for the Consortium, or are content to follow Consortium activities and support simply with their annual membership fee.

*Recommended membership fee is $35. Those who need financial assistance can secure an individual membership for $15

10 Benefits of Membership

  1. Be profiled in our membership directory with access to all other members
  2. Enjoy discounts on webinars, courses, and PUP merchandise
  3. Be invited up possibly to help in an organizational development project or assume a staff position
  4. Receive 3 post cards of places where we have worked
  5. Receive 3 stickers of the PUP logo to put in places that encourage others to ask about the PUP Consortium (notebook computers, binders, bulletin boards, doors, foreheads, etc.)
  6. Receive a welcome letter
  7. Receive internal announcements prior to public announcement
  8. Represent PUP at events and conferences by handing out materials and products
  9. May meet PUP staff or attend events or part of trainings in your country (subject to availability, space limitations and collaborator agreement)


Programme Specialist at UNESCO Peru Office, Consultant for the Education, Cultural and Environment Ministeries in Peru.

INDIVIDUAL - $35 for those from developed countries, $15 from developing countries or in financial duress
Open to the public. You choose the rate that best describes your situation.

INSTITUTIONAL - Rate depends on number of employees. Open to the public. If your organization has up to 10 employees, then you pay $100. If it has 11-50, then $200. If more than 50, then $300.

Open to any registered student anywhere in the world. The student may hold this membership category for two consecutive years. Enjoys same benefits as general members but without receiving a printed membership package in the mail.

PUP Global Heritage Consortium is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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