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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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president - currently unfilled


Shanti has worked with Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, the founder of the MetaIntegral Associates, focusing on teaching the MetaImpact framework through courses called “Designing Wisdom Economies” and on working towards the creation of multicapital value accounting software. He has spent a decade living at two different ecovillages that were also nonprofit education centers, spending a significant amount of his time in leadership roles at those organizations.

He spent three years on the board of the Sirius, Inc. nonprofit, including approximately two years as treasurer. He also spent a couple of years on the statewide steering board for the Massachusetts network. Over the length of his career, he has founded or worked for over half a dozen environmental nonprofit organizations.

Overall, he has worked in the nonprofit sector for most of his career. He also has expansive training and practice in ecological conscious raising work, having trained directly with Joanna Macy and others in Experiential Deep Ecology, along with training in similar work by the Pachamama alliance.

jean knaack - TREASURER

Jean Knaack is a PUP Board Member. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and, she earned a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management from George Mason University. Knaack is the Chief Executive Officer of the Road Runners Club of America where she has served in the role since 2005. Jean has extensive skills in organizational and financial development, board and member relations, and program planning and implementation.

Zach bygum - SECRETARy

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