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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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Introducing PUP´s Most Impactful Project of the Future: The PUP Collaboratory

23 August 2023 5:42 PM | Jon Kohl (Administrator)

Two years of strategic thinking have brought us to where we can now publicly share the concept note of the PUP Collaboratory. This draft emerged from a participatory process of nearly 20 PUP members facilitated by the Collaboratory core team (also know as the Integral Toolbox Action Team or ITAT) over the past three months. While this version 6.1 will continue to evolve, we have reached a point of commitment to the concept where we can use this document to recruit new members, redirect PUP´s strategic actions, and build the Collaboratory. ITAT is now working on a Flourishing Business Canvas and pitch deck. We hope to have a business plan by the end of the year.

We need all members´ help to do this whether that be attending our monthly meetings, helping with financial planning, website development, conducting exploratory customer interviews to better reflect demand, database design, whatever skill you would like to offer, or just renew your membership. All hands on deck. The Collaboratory will be our avenue to global impact, based on many years of natural-cultural heritage tool development and deployment under PUP´s banner.

Let us know how you could help our project to change the way the natural-cultural heritage community protects heritage.

Please find here the above PDF in English and in Spanish with all the active links.

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