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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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PUP Administrative Support are individuals all over the world that share their knowledge and time to keep our organization working. They keep up-to-date with the PUP activities and projects, communicate this information through our social media pages, help coordinate our efforts and projects and participate actively in decision-making within the Consortium.

Olivia Parrott - Webmaster

Olivia, North American, has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish from Lake Forest College, and just finished up an internship as a digital marketing manager and researcher with the Sustainable Living Guide. As a student she worked with Jon while studying abroad to help develop a PUP project at Mistico Park. She loves running spending time in nature, learning about other cultures, and travel. She plans to develop her career around environmental sustainability.  

Eric vargas - Assistant membership manager

Eric, Costa Rican, studied Biology at the University of Costa Rica. He has experience as a teaching and research assistant, as well as an independent consultant in environmental education. He served as volunteer coordinator for the I Latin American Congress on Heritage Interpretation. He is currently working on his degree in environmental interpretation at the University of Costa Rica with a topic in Ecology and Interpretation training with a tourism company in Turrialba, Costa Rica, and with support from PUP.

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