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Advancing Integral Heritage Management

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Technical Service Members are organizations or individuals who offer complementary knowledge or skill sets to the Consortium knowledge pool. 

According to the PUP Consortium’s strategy its membership should have expertise in a variety of knowledge and skill sets related to heritage management and consistent with our three areas of interest. The sum of these is our knowledge pool. We strive to avoid internal competition by assigning skills or knowledge sets as well as particular programs or geographies to each member. As such when the PUP Consortium has a consultation about the TSM’s area or requires its area in a project, the TSM is the go-to organization or person. 

Benefits for Technical Service Members

  • The profile of the individual or the organization and its representatives on our website and in the marketing material that correspond to the technical focus area to which the TSM is affiliated
  • Get a PUP email account and business card template (upon request)
  • Receive PUP Notes quarterly newsletter
  • Access to our internal documents and mailing lists
  • Exclusivity in the knowledge/geographic area assigned within PUP, pursuant to the non-competition principle inside of the PUP Consortium
  • Represent the Consortium 
  • Be invited to meet staff and attend a training programs (subject to availability, space limitations and collaborator agreement)
  • Participate financially in PUP projects, if the TSM has an organizational account, they may recruit any member of the organization to participate in projects, under the supervision of a representative of the PUP Consortium
  • Receive 3 stickers of our logo design to put in places that encourage others to ask about the PUP Consortium (notebook computers, binders, bulletin boards, doors, etc.) as well as postcards of sites where we have worked
  • Enjoy discounts on eligible PUP Consortium courses and products (currently just stickers), such as our book, webinars and discussions.


PUP Global Heritage Consortium is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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