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Ana Levy Hynes, Argentinian, studied biology at the National University of Tucuman, Argentina where she lives. She also specializes in heritage interpretation which she studied at the Univesitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Environmental Management at the National University of Tucuman. For two years she taught nature interpretation and environmental education in the major of protected area management at the Claes Olrog Institute which is an academic consortium between the National Parks Administration of Argentina and the National University of Tucuman. In her free time, she likes to paint, make land art, and gardening. She was a general member before assuming this post.


Mariela, Costa Rican, is a biologist with a degree in Environmental Interpretation from the University of Costa Rica. She has been always interested in nature conservation issues and found in interpretation the way to show others the value of our natural heritage and the importance of its preservation. Mariela works at Tirimbina Biological Reserve, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the rainforest, through environmental education and research, financed by ecotourism. At Tirimbina she has worked as naturalistic guide and currently is in charge of the environmental education program.


Mariana, Costa Rican, has a bachelor’s degree in Ecotourism from the University of Costa Rica and is currently working as a receptionist in Grano de Oro Hotel, San Josй Costa Rica. While being a student she developed some projects related to heritage interpretation, tourism inventory and culture. She loves nature, animals and everything related to conservation. She sees heritage interpretation as a perfect tool to teach people how to preserve the environment and natural resources.

KASIDY MARTIN - pup notes editor

Kasidy, American, is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina Asheville with a degree in Environmental Science, Ecology focus, and a double minor in Biology and Neuroscience. Currently a research assistant at the university, she has had an interest in global ecology and how humans fit into that puzzle for many years. With a great interest in the kingdom of Fungi specifically, she hopes to contribute important ecological information and education to humans around the world.

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